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Travel Companion Compatibility Criteria (TC3)

We have learned that often travelers are very interested in the idea of sharing a cabin to help with expenses but don’t know how to go about it. We recommend that you consider this process which has been used successfully to get to know  potential great travel companion. We'll ensure that you've had some chat time as well before you make that final commitment.

Please enter information about yourself and your personal preferences to the "ME" questions and answer with what you require in your roommate to the "ROOMMATE" questions.

PLEASE NOTE this form is only the first step. You will not be roomed with anyone until after you and your potential roommate have met on the phone. We use the information you provide to help us determine who you might enjoy rooming with and then provide you and that person with each other's contact information. The rest is up to you.







Cabin Preference:

Smoking Preference (me)

Smoking Preference (Roommate)

Sleeping Habits (me)

Sleeping Habits (Roommate)

Snoring (me)

Snoring (Roommate)

Noise Tolerance (me)

Noise Tolerance (Roommate)

Activity Level