An Important Message About Safety

Your safety is our number one priority. MOAAVacations / Brennco has operated for over 35 years by not only working with the most reputable cruise lines and tour companies in the world, but by ensuring our travellers are safe. We pay very close attention to the State Department Travel Advisories and Warnings and will notify you immediately when necessary.

Rerouting/Cancelling Tours

The cruise lines and tour companies will not hesitate to reroute or cancel a cruise or tour if they believe your safety is at risk. We will also contact you immediately if your departure is affected in any way and work with you accordingly to revise your plans.

Emergency Contact Information

Prior to departure, we are able to provide you and your family with emergency contact information. If you are already in-destination and there is an emergency please feel free to contact us anytime at (800) 211-5107 Toll Free or mail@moaavac.com.

Trip Insurance

We STRONGLY recommend travel insurance as a way to protect your investment. In the case of unexpected or unforeseen circumstances that may cause you to cancel or delay your plans. If you would like to purchase travel insurance, please notify us immediately.

Your Safety Comes First

Seeing the world is exciting and inspiring, and we want you to feel safe before and during your journey. We will always prioritize your safety above all else so you feel confident in your decision to book with MOAAVacations.